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Relieve chronic constipation naturally and effectively, without dependency and the unpleasant after-effects

If you are one of 4.5 million Americans who say they are constipated all the time, please read on...

You may be told that some people are simply 'less regular' than the other. You may think that chronic constipation happens randomly, even to the best of us. "Not to worry, just take this great laxative" — your doctor tells you time and time again. Fortunately, as you will discover in a minute, there is a real solution to this very real problem.

Regularity Capsules from RxNATURE is the product that thousands of chronic constipation sufferers have discovered — often to their great surprise, and sometimes as their last resort.

It works! We never ask our customers for testimonies, but we frequently receive 'thank you' letters form people all over the country telling their stories of how Regularity Capsules literally changed their lives. You can read some of these stories here, or, if you would like, we can send you many more via email — just write to us.

I suffered from constipation for more than 10 years, but I did not realize the extend of my problem until 2 years ago. This is when laxatives stopped working. The fact that laxatives are readily available, and that they are being prescribed without a blink of an eye — that really ruined my health. Over years, I became dependant on laxatives, but I didn't think that they could completely fail one day. I was gradually increasing the dose, and that seemed to work OK, but then it was almost like somebody turned off the switch. I went to my doctor who basically recommended more of the same — I started alternate and try different brands of laxatives and stool softeners. I added fiber to my diet and started to drink more water. That all helped, but not much and not for long. I even had to go to an ER. I was then sent to do colonoscopy and a barium enema. Results came back — everything was normal. But the problem was still there, no change. My doctor eventually gave up on me. I started to do my own research and I tried some natural laxatives. Same type of result: short-term improvement, and then a total 'shutdown'. I literally became desperate. I felt that doctors I saw didn't understand what it feels like not being able to move your bowels for 7-9 days. I was hectically trying everything. I came across Regularity Capsules, and I was convinced that it was yet another pill. I started to take 3 capsules a day, and I had a BM in 2 days, but what really surprised me — I didn't have any cramps, or other discomfort. I continued taking Regularity Capsules, and in about a week I became somewhat regular. And again, my bowel movements were normal (I practically forgot what it means to have a normal BM). It has been two months now, I alternate: I take 2 capsules one day, and 3 capsules the other. I am actually decreasing the number of capsules I need to take. I didn't think it was possible. I literally got my life back.

Regularity Capsules are formulated by the Naturopathic Doctor, who has treated constipation for over 10 years. Yes, years of research and clinical experience went into this remarkable product to ensure that you can experience safe, effective and gentle relief — all without the unpleasant after-effects. But there is more to this story...

725 million of dollars are spent on laxatives each year in the US alone. Why? Because they don't address the root cause of the problem, and yet the majority of them cause dependency and lead to tolerance. 47% of people treated for constipation are NOT satisfied with the treatment. One laxative a day soon becomes 3, then 5 and so on — until they stop working at all. Sounds familiar?

Regularity Capsules are different! Effective, natural, and gentle — they:

Face it: regular bowel movements are possible only when the digestion is good and strong. Normalizing secretory and peristaltic function of the entire digestive tract — not merely over-stimulating the colon — this is what Regularity Capsules are designed to do. They go after the true underlying cause of constipation, and that explains why Regularity Capsules are so effective.

Chronic Constipation Remedy

So what I have a bowel movement only once a week or two weeks? It doesn't really bother me...

Well, many people ask this question, but think about it. What would happen if your garbage removal service would come only once a month instead of every week? One can only imagine... Similarly, if our waste instead of being eliminated stays inside our bodies: it builds up, it rottens, and it produces poisonous toxins. These toxins have no way out; they get reabsorbed into our bloodstream — that depresses the immune system and burdens our complete organ system, and causes a multitude of serious health problems. Yes, your health truly begins in your colon.

... that was just a partial list of diseases that are directly related to constipation.

This is the first testimonial letter I ever wrote. I just want to thank you for making me functional again. Before I started to use your product, my life was a mess filled with discomfort and frustration. I had a problem with regularity for as long as I can remember. About 5 years ago, the problem got much worse, and I truly believe that I tried every single recommendation and product available. My doctor essentially told me to 'relax' and accept the fact that some people are not regular. I don't think that he could relate my situation at all. Most people are sensitive when talking about their bowel habits, and I can tell you, it is real bad for many of us out there. A lot of people I know have the same problem — they told me, after I told them. Even doctors, unless they experience it themselves, can not understand what a devastating problem constipation may be. When you feel that absolutely nothing works, you really don't know what to do. Regularity Capsules saved me. I take them for about a year, and now I am taking less than I was taking when I just started. This is incredible. It feels natural to me. I didn't have any side effects what so ever, and I never experienced any 'runs' that I got used to while taking a variety of laxatives in the past. Thank you very much!

I tried everything. They all claimed to fix my problem, but my constipation only gets worse. I am very skeptical...

Yes, you, just like many other people who read this, may feel like you have tried almost every 'constipation product' available on the market. Perhaps you feel skeptical, and you may believe that Regularity Capsules are yet another pill. Well, it is perfectly normal to feel that way, and you should know: no drug, remedy, or other health product helps everyone and works 100% of the time. Regularity Capsules are not a miracle, but:

Dr. Bernard Jensen once said: "Keeping your bowel clean is the single-most important thing that you can do for your health!"

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